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Check out my new blog on “The Bond Girl (2006-2016).” It explores the reworking of the Bond Girl concept across the Daniel Craig era.

Check out my new blog on “The Bond Girl (1962-2002)”

Check out part 2 of my blog on Feminism and Female Villainy – The 1970s and 1980s!
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The James Bond films are populated with women who help to shape and confirm the libidinal masculinity of the title character. However, when we simply group all women together under the umbrella term “Bond Girl,” we invariably overlook the range and diversity of female characterization as well as changes in female representation over time. There is a difference between a primary character and a secondary figure (who may or may not be… Read More

Last week in my Gender and James Bond course, we discussed the deeply troubling scene at the beginning of Thunderball (1965) in which Bond sexually harasses and coerces a nurse at the health clinic Shrublands. On multiple occasions, Patricia Fearing rejects the physical and verbal advances of Bond making it clear that she is not interested in sexual activity. Bond does not accept her rejections or respect her bodily autonomy, and eventually… Read More

I am thinking about ice, water, and the elemental featured in the No Time To Die (2020) trailers on a frigid day in Oklahoma. I originally posted my thoughts as a Twitter thread and decided to compile them into my first blog post. No Time to Die (2020) trailer There is a strong link between water and femininity across the James Bond series. Water is largely considered to be a feminine element… Read More