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Chapter on “Lisa Funnell”
Interviewed by: Mark Edlitz
The Many Lives of James Bond: How the Creators of 007 Have Decoded the Superspy

“From Roger Moore Movie Nights to a ‘Gender and James Bond’ University Course: Assistant Professor Lisa Funnell is Mourning the Death of 007”
By: Richard Horgan
Adweek, 2017

“20 Sooner Women Who Empower & Inspire”
University of Oklahoma, 2016

“Licence to Critique: ‘I Just Want More From Bond’”
By: Jon Wells
The Hamilton Spectator, 2015

“Interview with Dr. Lisa Funnell, Author and Editor of For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond
By: Matthew Chernov
Literary 007, 2015

  • Photo taken by Matthew Chernov featuring Luciana Paluzzi, who plays Fiona Volpe in Thunderball (1965), holding a copy for For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond.

“James Bond Scholar Doubles as OU Professor”
By: Bradon Long
The Oklahoman, 2015

“The Academics of a ‘Bond Girl'”
By: Danielle Siemens
The Sheaf, 2011

“University Researcher an Expert on James Bond Bad Girls”
By: Linda Barnard
Toronto Star, 2011  





“It’s Techno Bond, Baby! – Tomorrow Never Dies 1997″
Dressed to Kill, 2021

“Women in Action and Pop Culture! with Dr. Lisa Funnell”
Dressed to Kill, 2021

“Dr. Lisa Funnell”
Hungry Trilobyte Podcast, 2020

“A Frank Talk on James Bond”
Cinema Craptaculus Presents The Expanded Universe, 2020

“An Interview with Dr. Lisa Funnell”
No Time to Bond Podcast, 2020

Dr No: Episode 009″
007×7 Podcast, 2020

“Interview with Funnell, Dr. Lisa Funnell”
Geek 4, 2020

“James Bond and Wonder Woman”
Media and the End of the World, 2017

“Feminism & James Bond”
Batman vs James Bond Show, 2017

“Changing the Narrative in Hollywood”
Just Sow, University of Oklahoma, 2017




Women in Intelligence and Media Representations of Them
Interview with Spencer Santini
Undergraduate Thesis, Chapman University, 2018

  • Photo of Spencer Santini and Lisa Funnell


Nobody Does it Better: The Complete Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of James Bond
Interview with Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman


“Explained: How Sir Sean Connery Set the Template for James Bond”
The Indian Express, 2020

“The Name’s Bond, Tracy Bond – The Legacy of James Bond’s Wife, and the Actor Who Played Her”
The Indian Express, 2020

“Feministka vo vojne: Wonder Woman je trocha iná hrdinka”

“Female-led ‘Doctor Who’ Stokes Talk About Lack of Visible Minority Heroines”
News 1130, 2017

“‘Wonder Woman’ Rules the Box Office, Opening Doors for the Future”
The Norman Transcript, 2017

“Pop Star Syllabus: Academics Pitch Their Dream Canadian Celebrity Courses”
The Canadian Press, 2017  

“The Rise of ‘Trojan Horse’ University Celebrity Courses”
The Canadian Free Press, 2017

“We’ve Been Brexiting You, Commander Bond: 007 Under the Threat of Trump and Brexit”
Deadline, 2016

“Trivia Royale”
Crimson Quarterly, 2016, 16-17

“‘Bond Girls’: More than Meets the Eye”
CNN, 2015

“The 10 Most Unforgettable Bond Girls.”
Variety, 2015

“Will James Bond Fans be too Shaken (nor Stirred) to Accept Beer-Drinking Hero?”
National Post, 2012.



“Wonder Woman: A Feminist in the War”
Matisak’s Blog (A Stamp on the World), 2017

“TWINE: Remembering The World is not Enough on its 20th Anniversary”
The Digital Bits, 2020

“Fake News: Remember Tomorrow Never Dies on its 20th Anniversary
The Digital Bits, 2017

Bond @ 40: Remembering Die Another Day on its 15th Anniversary
The Digital Bits, 2017

Remembering Casino Royale On its 10th Anniversary
The Digital Bits, 2016

A Post-Cold War Era Bond: Remembering GoldenEye On its 20th Anniversary
The Digital Bits, 2015



Wonder Woman
Interview by David Tizzard and Amos Kim
A Little of a Lot
TBS (Everything Seoul), eFM 101.3, 2017


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